August 7, 2015

Home Discourse: Black versus White Kitchens

Black Kitchen - Tamara Magel   ||   White Kitchen Cynthia Carlson
      Light versus dark - a constant comparison I'm always struggling with, for kitchen designs that is! I constantly waver between whether I like kitchens with dark cabinetry more, or white cabinetry. Although gray is becoming a popular option, there is something really classic and chic about kitchens which black or white cabinetry. Regardless of black or white cabinetry though, I really love it when kitchens have gold hardware. Black or white? Click through to decide for yourself!

Black Cabinetry

(all images & their sources are listed from my Pinterest unless otherwise noted)

Image Source: Houzz

Image Source: Bedford Brooks

Image Source:  Tamara Magel 


White Cabinetry

Image Source: Cynthia Carlson

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