August 26, 2015

Link Love: What NYC Smells Like in the Summer, Baby Panda Twins, & a Travel Cheat Sheet

1. NOVELTY: What does summer in NYC smell like? From a perfumer's and sommelier's nose that is! Although I agree with some of the scents they describe, the other scents they came across really surprised me!

2. VIDEO: As a kid I always wondered how luggage got from the baggage check in kiosk to the bunker of the plane I'm going on. As an adult I'm still curious, but finally this video shows the long and complicated process of how your baggage goes from your hands, all the way to the luggage carousel of your destination.

3. HOME: I love houses that combine traditional with the modern. It adds an unexpected design element and it makes the home all the more unique. This Georgian style house has breathtaking moulding and millwork, but it also has modern windows, glass enclosures, and furniture.

4. NOVELTY: Two giant baby panda twins were born earlier this week at the zoo in Washington DC!

5. BEAUTY: Ever since visiting Taiwan when I was in college, I noticed that Asian cosmetics tended to be more "cute" and playful with their packaging than their Western counterparts. Korean beauty products are no exception to this rule. Read how this cute packaging trend is affecting other products globally.

6. TRAVEL: Check out this wonderful pictorialgram that is like a mini cheat sheet of the best places to see, eat, and visit in some of the best travel destinations in the world.

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