September 23, 2015

Beauty & Non-Beauty Tips that May Help Alleviate Your Acne

      If some of you don't know my acne story, essentially I had clear acne-free skin right until I went back to graduate school. All of a sudden, I was suffering from terrible huge cystic acne that couldn't be covered up no matter how much concealer I used. Since graduating and discovering Effaclar Duo, my acne is much better and manageable. I'll be sharing seven tips in this post, both beauty and nonbeauty related that could help you get your acne in a more manageable state.

1. Change or Wash Your Pillow Case Every Week: This was a common tip that I read in several places. The theory behind changing your pillow case every week to alleviate your acne was the fact that the oils in your skin build up on your pillow case and could potentially cause break outs. I did this in graduate school, and still do wash my pillow case every week. Although I can't undoubtedly say that it helped, it's an easy tip to follow and it doesn't cost you any extra money or effort since you already need to do laundry anyway.

2. Lower Your Stress Levels: Easier said than done right? Graduate school was so stressful for me, I definitely noticed a correlation between my stress levels and the severity of my acne. Everyone destresses in a different way, so just be sure to take a step back and do something that you know makes you happy and lowers your stress levels whether it be going out with your friends, buying yourself a little something nice, doing your nails, or a short workout session.

3. Only Wear Makeup Where You Need It: This is really important, especially if you happen to only breakout in certain areas of your face. For me, I only really ever breakout on my cheeks and therefore, I only really wear foundation on my cheeks as a base for my concealer. My forehead and chin are foundation free because I don't need to conceal any hyperpigmentation or active blemishes in that area. I know the temptation of slathering foundation all over your face, especially if you suffer from acne, but nothing glows or looks like natural skin!

4. Use a More Gentler Cleanser & Cleanse Once a Day: You would think that more acne prone skin needs to be washed more often. Wrong. Over washing acne-prone skin could potentially lead to more breakouts because you're taking away natural oils from the skin which results in your skin producing more oil to compensate. When I started to only wash my face at night, I noticed a huge reduction in the frequency of my breakouts. Instead of washing my face in the morning, I splash my face with cold water and then gently swipe some Bioderma on a cotton pad.

5. Consider A Healing Cream Rather Than a Drying Spot Treatment: Cicalfate is one of the best creams I've used for my acne. I dab on a huge glob of it over my blemishes throughout every stage of the blemish. When I feel a blemish coming on, I dab it on so that everything surfaces quicker. When it's healing, I also dab it on because it helps the skin heal and minimizes hyperpigmentation. I use a healing cream more often than a spot treatment!

6. Drink More Water and Don't Overload on Caffeine:  I will admit that I have a hard time sticking to this tip because I love coffee and tea. To me personally, ccaffeine acts like a diuretic on me (it essentially makes me pee more often). Obviously caffeine's effect is different on everyone, but if it also makes you go to the bathroom more often like me, that means you're losing fluids and you're drying out your body. If you do drink coffee during the day, consider drinking water continuously throughout the day after you finish your cuppa.

7. Consider Going to a Steam Room: My mother goes to a steam room every week and her skin and pores are absolutely clear. She also rarely ever has flaky skin! It makes sense too, because steam opens up your pores but it also adds moisture to your skin.

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