September 25, 2015

Home Discourse: Glamorous Closets

Image Source: Alvarez Homes
     "Should we get you a ring?" "No, just get me a really big closet!" - said Carrie Bradshaw to Big. If you are a shopoholic or even have a slight inclination to buying pretty clothes and accessories, chances are you also dream about an amazing and beautiful closet to showcase you wardrobe. While most of us aren't as lucky as the fictional Carrie Bradshaw (her closet in the movie was so gorgeous!!), maybe we can strive to have a third of the size and glamour of her closet? Right now my closet is bursting at the seams, and I'm just counting down the days until I move into a bigger place! Until then, I'll just admire these amazing closets that are essentially as big as my bedroom in NYC. Lastly, the next post will be on Wednesday! I'm taking a nice short vacation to Chicago, and next week's post will be posted on Wednesday.

(All images are from my Pinterest unless otherwise sourced.)

Image Source: Urritia Design

Image Source: Dijeau Poage

Image Source: Schmidt Holzinger

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