October 21, 2015

Borrowed from the Boys - Old Spice Amber Body Wash

      The other day I was at Target perusing the Halloween decorations among other things, and I remembered that my boyfriend was running low on his own body wash. Naturally, I grabbed a bottle of his usual body wash (Timber or Bearglove which are also made by Old Spice), but then another scent caught my eye from the description - Amber with Black Currant. I actually love the smell of black currant, so I had to take a whiff. Luckily I did, because this stuff smells amazing!

      When I first smelled it I couldn't believe that this stuff was made for guys. It had a strong sweet fruity top note because of the black currant. I guess because it has an amber base Old Spice thought it might appeal to men, but this is definitely one of those unisex scents. There are tons of body products for women that have an amber base as well. My boyfriend smelled it and told me he would have used it if I bought this back for him instead of one of his usual scents. When I used it in the shower, the amber notes were more pronounced than the sweetness of the black currant, but it wasn't overwhelmingly woody like other body washes made for men. It's perfect for the colder months! And on a last note, I also featured Barbasol shaving cream in the cover picture which is another product I actually borrowed from the boys. I swear by it as a shaving cream for your legs!

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