October 28, 2015

Currently Loving - Nike Black and White Roshe Ones

      I was never a huge sneakerhead, but ever since I moved to NYC from California, I've realized the importance of super comfy shoes because the city is a walking city. These aren't my first black and white sneakers from Nike as I also have a pair of black and white flyknit Nike Frees (another favorite of mine). I really love black and white sneakers especially, because although sneakers by nature are super casual, black and white sneakers can still look really chic.

      I'm going to put it out there with no shame that I bought "little kid" Roshe Ones. Yep, I bought these in a youth size 3. If you're cursed (or I guess in this case blessed) with small feet like me, a youth size 3 is the equivalent of a women's size 5! The only con is that the little kid version of the roshe ones come in a limited range of colors, so if you want more colorful options, women's roshe ones come in many more color options!

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