October 14, 2015

Link Love: H&M's New Beauty Line, Cultural Faux-Pas Around the World, & A Terrarium Side Table

1. NOVELTY: You know I love me some infographics! This particularly infographic is about cultural faux-pas around the world!

2. HOME: I love interiors by Tamara Magel and this one is no exception. Click the link to see the interior of a chic, sophisticated, and sharp apartment on Fifth Avenue.

3. DIY: This DIY is definitely one level up from my own DIY traditional terrarium post that I wrote a couple months ago! Check out this super cool DIY post about an closed terrarium side table! With faux succulents of course!

4. RECIPE: I'm always on the lookout for pasta recipes, especially those that don't really require a lot of ingredients (or time). Here are four pasta recipes that only require a handful of ingredients!

5. VIDEO: Taeyeon from Girls Generation just debuted her first ever solo album! I love her title song, "I" which reminds me of some songs from Coldplay with it's dreamy instrumental bits, instead of Chris Martin's it's Taeyeon's strong vocals. Plus, the cinematography in the video is gorgeous as it features the pastoral countryside of New Zealand. It's no wonder it's already gotten over 7 million views.

6.  BEAUTY: H&M just released their beauty line! Some items definitely look interesting to me, especially the body care items! The entire line will consist of over 700 (yep - seven zero zero) items!

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