November 2, 2015

For the Love of Makeup - Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

      Happy November!! After several delays in shipment and issues with the book being dispatched from Amazon, I finally got my hands on Lisa Eldridge's new book Face Paint. Those of you who are frequent readers of my blog know I love Lisa Eldridge and she's probably my favorite makeup artist that is on Youtube. The wait was worth it, as the book is gorgeous, informative, and just overall an interesting read! If you love makeup and beauty, it's definitely something you should have on your bookshelf.

      Lisa already made a video of a preview of the general outline of her book which I have linked below. I highly suggest you watch it as it's kind of like a "director's commentary" in that you get a glimpse into Lisa's mind of how the book came into being, why she chose to write about the history of makeup and not a "how to" book, and how she decided what went into the book and what was left out.

      The book is divided into two major sections with each major section having subsections. It's laid out historically from makeup going as far back as the Egyptians with the last chapter looking into the future of makeup and beauty. Contained within the book are amazing photographs with photoshoots Lisa has done, along with vintage editorials of makeup advertisements and vintage products. It also has scattered throughout the book little excerpts of the anatomy and history of how certain beauty icons (like Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Marilyn Monroe) created their "signature look." Overall, it's a beautifully edited book, and I definitely recommend purchasing it to add to your book shelf!

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