November 30, 2015

Gift Guide for the Home

      This will be my last post for the 2015 year gift guide series! All of us know that one person who loves shopping for their home and is always on the hunt for new beautiful things to add to their collection. As a home decor lover myself, I've recommended a couple items that are in my own home as well as other items I've bookmarked and been eyeing myself. As with the other gift guides, the gifts in this post are from various price points starting from $15 to $75.

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I would just love to receive this gift! You get an amazing 5 mini candles (1.2oz each) from Diptyque in some of their most popular fragrances - Feu de Bois, Pomander, Ambre, Opopanax, and Vanille. It's a great gift for someone who has always been curious about Diptyque, or is a candle lover in general. The scents are also very appropriate for the holiday season - if Christmas had an official scent, it would smell like Pomander!

The China Through the Looking Glass exhibit was beautiful and captivating (see my post about it here). This is the perfect gift for someone who loves fashion, and enjoys beautiful coffee table books. I personally own this book, and the cover is just gorgeous and luxurious.

It's no surprise here if you've been a longtime reader - I really love agates and geodes. this particular agate is designed to be a bookend and is available to purchase as a single or as a pair. It also comes in other colors besides blue.

Adorable and quirky right?? This piece would look lovely displayed on a vanity, desk, or shelf - wherever! Although it is marketed to be a ring holder, it doesn't have to be. It could be a stand alone display piece. I absolutely adore the whimsicality of the entire piece.

If burning candles isn't your giftee's thing but he or she still appreciates a good smelling space, try a reed diffuser instead. I personally love anything black currant scented, but the diffusers also come in a variety of scent stories including but not limited to Peony, Cedar, Sandalwood, Tuberose, and Lavender.

What to do with a glass cloche you ask? So many things!! For one, you can use it to cover a candle, over a terrarium, or over accessories you want to display. Basically it can be used to showcase any item that you want seen, but protected at the same time. I love this particular cloche from H&M because it has gold accents!

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