November 13, 2015

Home Discourse: Book-Matched Stone Slabs

Image Source: Oliver Burns
      I love marble in a home, I mean who doesn't love marble? But let's talk about book-matched marble, which in my opinion is marble with a little special twist. As per wikipedia, book-matched marble is "the practice of matching two (or more) wood or stone surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book." Book-matched marble (or any other stone) immediately catches your eye and makes an amazing design statement. I think it looks really modern and definitely makes the space more special.

Image Source: In 2

Image Source: Oliver Burns

Image Source: Arent & Pyke

Image Source: Croma Design

Image Source: Bagnato Architecture

Image Source: Evolve Residential

Image Source: Stuart Parr Design

Gorgeous right?! For more photos of spaces that inspire me, follow my home decor board on Pinterest!

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