December 30, 2015

Product Review: Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

      Up for review today is the beautifully packaged Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. If you don't know the brand, Tatcha creates products that are inspired by traditional Japanese skincare, specifically beauty rituals and customs that were used by the Geisha. With that in mind, the products promote skincare that results in natural, clear, and even skintone while looking healthy from the inside out. The rice enzyme powder is one of their flagship products and one of the more unique exfoliators currently available on the beauty market.

December 28, 2015

Beauty Discourse: DIY Coconut Rose Sugar Scrub

      If you celebrate Christmas, I hope everyone had an amazing and memorable holiday! I just got back from California myself, and I can't believe I'm already back in NYC! While I had a restful holiday, I'm also sad that the heart of the holiday season is already over and that I had to say goodbye to my family in California. Still, I'm going to ride the Christmas spirit because today's post is an extremely easy beauty DIY - a coconut rose sugar body scrub that I gifted to my family & friends (to the girls of course!). 

December 18, 2015

Beauty Discourse: My Favorite Beauty Items - Holiday Edition

      There are a couple items that I bring out every year during the holiday season because incorporating them into a makeup look makes me feel all that more festive. It's going to be no surprise that most of the beauty items are primarily red or gold, but the combination of the two during the holiday season is always a safe bet! I'll be jetting back to California this week to visit my family during Christmas, so today's post will be the last post before my short hiatus!

December 16, 2015

Product Review: Belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

      Belif is one of the Korean beauty brands that are exclusively available at Sephora here in the States. It's a fairly new brand both in America and in South Korea as it is LG's newest beauty line. The whole line is fairly affordable with the most expensive item being at $48. Their star product that they are known for is the Aqua Bomb, a gel cream that "floods" the skin with hydration without leaving your skin oily and greasy. 

December 11, 2015

Fall & Winter Beauty Empties - Products I've Recently Used Up

      I've recently finished up a lot of beauty products just in time for a fall/winter beauty empties post. Most of these are empties that I used in my summer routine. I actually really enjoy and look forward to beauty empty posts, because it allows me to reflect and evaluate whether a product really worked for me. I have eight beauty empties in this post today. Some products I've already repurchased and started using, and others will probably be the last bottle I will have used for the foreseeable future.

December 9, 2015

My Updated Winter Skincare Routine

      Last week I wrote about three products that I've been using that have totally transformed my skin (post here). All three of those products are in my current winter skincare routine. Winter is a tough time for skin. I feel like no matter how much I moisturize my skin, it still is prone to flaking in the winter time. Oddly enough, I also feel like I break out slightly more often during the transition period from fall to winter for reasons unknown. All in all, winter is definitely not ideal time for my skin, but I really love the products I've been using lately to combat winter skin!

December 7, 2015

Black Friday Spoils - Alexander Wang Mini Emile Bag

      I've always wanted an Alexander Wang bag, his design aesthetic is edgy, bold, modern, with a slight rocker edge. It's right on par with my own personal style! I admired the Rocco duffle when it first came out, but it was just way too heavy and too big for my personal tastes. There just wasn't a bag that I loved enough to justify splurging, until I saw the new mini Emile marked off for 40% off during this year's Black Friday sales.

December 4, 2015

Currently Loving - Real Techniques Stippling Brush

      Maybe I'm a little late to the party when it comes to the stippling brush by Real Techniques, but as the saying goes, better late than never! I own several Real Techniques brushes already, but for some reason I never added the stippling brush to my collection. Perhaps it's because my skin didn't start clearing up until recently earlier this year, and hence I needed move coverage in my everyday makeup. No matter the case, this brush is serious business and I love the finish it provides!

December 2, 2015

Three Products That Have Transformed My Skin

      How is it already December?? Honestly how is Fall over already? I can't believe that snowy cold weather is just around the corner. But moving on! I've been on a huge skincare kick lately and I'm lucky to have found several products that have really done amazing things for my skin! After incorporating Pixi Glow Tonic, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and the Super Multi-Corrective Cream also by Kiehls, into my skincare routine, I've noticed observable and tangible results to my skin.