December 28, 2015

Beauty Discourse: DIY Coconut Rose Sugar Scrub

      If you celebrate Christmas, I hope everyone had an amazing and memorable holiday! I just got back from California myself, and I can't believe I'm already back in NYC! While I had a restful holiday, I'm also sad that the heart of the holiday season is already over and that I had to say goodbye to my family in California. Still, I'm going to ride the Christmas spirit because today's post is an extremely easy beauty DIY - a coconut rose sugar body scrub that I gifted to my family & friends (to the girls of course!). 

      This DIY was taken directly by the Beauty Department's post here. When it was first posted on their blog, I knew I someday was either going to make this for myself or as gifts. I think they're the perfect gift for any female in your life because who doesn't love a body scrub? Especially one that was personally hand assembled by you!? So what will you need to make this luscious scrub?
You Will Need

1. Unrefined coconut oil - use unrefined because it retains the smell of the coconut and it's just heavenly.
2. Sweet almond oil or jojoba oil
3. Sugar - the coarser the better, I used brown sugar here.
4. A mason jar - I used a 16oz jar.
5. One rose



1. Scoop the coconut oil into the jar until just around halfway or less in the jar.
2. Place rose petals directly on top of the coconut oil and try to place it so that most of the petals are flat.
3. Pour the sugar on top of the rose petals until they are completely covered by the sugar.
4. Pour your oil over the sugar and petals at intervals allowing the oil to completely travel down through the petals and sugar, and repeat until the sugar is completely immersed in the oil. Tip: Be conservative with the oil as the petals and sugar tend to sink after a couple of hours of being submersed.

      The finished product should look somewhat like the jars above! If you are gifting this scrub, make sure to tell your giftee to take a spoon and mix everything together when they first use it. It has a shelf life of 1 year!

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