January 20, 2016

Five Makeup Brushes I Can't Live Without

     Although I have quite a few more makeup brushes on my vanity, there are five main brushes that I always seem to grab. With these five brushes, I pretty much can create my entire makeup look. If you're not a professional makeup artist, I believe that you don't have to spend an astronomical amount on makeup brushes to get quality brushes that are amazing at achieving beautiful looks. Out of the five brushes that I'm writing about today, the most expensive brush out of the five is $30!

If you haven't tried pin-point concealing, be prepared to have your entire makeup routine changed up for the better! Not only do you really concentrate the product on the one area that you really need to be concealed, but you use a lot less product. I absolutely cannot live without my Sigma pin-point concealing brush.

At only $9, the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques is an amazing brush for the price. I use this brush primarily for buffing out my foundation so that I have a seamless look.  

This brush has been my recent discovery, but it's become a must-have for me because it applies foundation so easily and beautifully. Plus, it actually uses less product but you get an even application as you stipple your foundation around your face. To finish my foundation application off, I use the above mentioned Expert Face Brush to really buff out the lines. The result is a really natural look that doesn't look heavy or cakey.

This should come at no surprise here. The MAC 217 is pretty much on every makeup enthusiast's list and for good reason - it pretty much makes your eyeshadow application as easy as a few swipes of the brush. The brush just blends everything so well, and it makes your eyemakeup look like you spent more time on it than you really did.

Shiseido created this one brush that can apply every foundation type - cream, liquid, and powder. It's a small travel friendly brush with a truly versatile design.  At $30, it's an amazing buy since you can use it with any foundation that you have. A plus side? It also buffs in foundations beautifully.

      What brushes can't you live without or are loving lately? I've been thinking about doing a brush collection refresh and replacing other brushes that I think don't work well, or throwing out brushes that I don't use at all.


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