January 13, 2016

Link Love: Monkey Orchid Flower Show, Tom Ford Lips & Boys, & DIY Hologram Glass Nails

1. NOVELTY: Apparently there such a thing called a "monkey orchid" and it's basically what it sounds like - an orchid that looks like a monkey's face. In Japan, these rare flowers were put on display in order to celebrate the upcoming year of the monkey in the Chinese zodiac.

2. BEAUTY: Never judge a book by its cover - that's the philosophy that this Refinery29 article applies to over 50 beauty products that have not so amazing packaging but contain amazing products. Not surprisingly, one of the products featured is the DHC Cleansing Oil which I reviewed yesterday and which I'm giving away in my giveaway here

3. DIY: I love nail art that turns out to be super simple to achieve. That's why I was ecstatic to discover that the holographic "glass" shard nail art is actually really easy to do. Find out how you can get the look by clicking the link! 

4. FASHION: Maybe I'm late to post this video since it was posted in August of last year, but I really enjoyed this short 3 minute video on Net-a-Porter on how to stylishly dress for work but still look professional at the same time. 

5. BEAUTY: Tom Ford can you ever do any wrong? I have yet to get a Tom Ford lipstick, but ever since I found out that the mini lipsticks were made a part of the permanent collection, it's been on my list! Curious to see what new shades are in store for the new year? Luckily Sabrina from the Beauty Lookbook has full swatches of every new shade.

6. NOVELTY: Since I was born and had a childhood before the internet was created, I am very conscious of how society has evolved into relying very heavily on technology. I still remember when Facebook was called The Facebook and how only an handful of select colleges in the US were allowed to be on it. That's why these illustrations that criticize and highlight the problem with being so reliant on social media really affect me since I've seen the creation and growth of the internet and social media from beginning to how it is today.

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