February 10, 2016

A Comparison - MAC 217 versus Hakuhodo J5523

      I first mentioned last week that I recently purchased my first brushes ever from Hakuhodo (full post here). Although I already had the MAC 217, I couldn't resist purchasing the J5523 from Hakuhodo because one, it was cheaper in price, and two, from every source that I read it was touted to be much softer than the MAC 217. In fact, as I had previously mentioned in my post last week, MAC actually contracts with Hakuhodo to make the 217 brush. So how do the two compare?

      Both the MAC 217 and the J5523 are made with undyed white goat hair. Perhaps it may be because my MAC 217 brush is a couple years old, but the J5523 is more tapered at the end than the 217. The above pictures are taken when both brushes are post-wash. In terms of the handle length, the MAC 217's handle is slightly longer and wider than the J5523. The length of the handles doesn't really affect application one way or another. For softness, by far the winner is the J5523. The J5523 feels very lovely on the eyelid and there is absolutely no "pricklyness." After comparing the two on my eyelid, I definitely feel prickles with the MAC 217.  The MAC 217 brush head is also slightly more fluffy and wider than the J5523, but both perform the same in terms of blending and shading my eye makeup. With that being said, the clear winner between the two overall is Hakuhodo's J5523. It's cheaper in price than at $19 compared to $25 for the 217, and far more softer. The MAC 217 was one of my holy grail makeup brushes, but I'm afraid it's been officially trumped by the J5523! 


Concluding Remarks

      I highly recommend the J5523, and it is a very worthwhile investment especially if you love the MAC 217 since the J5523 is a superior version of it. All of Hakuhodo's brushes can be purchased via their official ecommerce site here.

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