February 24, 2016

Do This Not That - Four of My Everyday Beauty Tricks

      "A lady never reveals her secrets." - well I'm breaking that old saying by sharing four of my everyday beauty hacks. For starters and for a bit of context, I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts and I have fine hair that gets rather oily easily. If you share any of these qualities (or should I say annoyances) as me, you'll definitely want to check out these tips!

1. Using a hydrating cream for a spot treatment

This is particularly true if your skin is sensitive and prone to flake when you break out. I used to primarily use the Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu to treat my blemishes, but it's seriously strong stuff and dries the heck out of my skin (putting makeup over flakey skin is a nightmare). Using a super thick cream to spot treat does wonders for my skin and blemish. I cover the entire blemish with my favorite healing cream by Avene and it draws the impurities to the surface without drying out your skin.


2. Conditioner First - Shampoo Second

My hair doesn't do anything besides just sit on my head. It lacks major volume and it gets fairly oily if I don't wash it every 24 hours. I have really tried to stop washing my hair everyday, but I can't stand the feeling of oily hair! Therefore, I try to create volume anyway I can, but ever since I've started to condition my hair first and then follow up with shampoo I've been able to keep some of the oil at bay.


3. Cleansing your face once a day

My face gets more oilier throughout the day no matter what the season is, but I've consistently read that oily skin is dehydrated skin that is overcompensating by producing oil. Subsequently I went against all my urges to wash my face with stripping face washes and started to wash my face once a day at night. In the morning, I splash my face with lukewarm water and then "cleanse" with Bioderma. It's made a major difference in my skin and although I still get oily, it's definitely not as much as before. Plus, I feel that it also helped me breakout less.


4. Decant your toner into a spray bottle

As a disclaimer, this trick only works if you use a nonalcoholic toner. I like using hydrating toners over alcoholic ones, but I hated using a cotton pad and swiping it over my face. That's why I decant my toner into a spray bottle. It's convenient, travel friendly, and wastes less product.

If you're willing to share your secrets, I'd love to hear some of your beauty tricks!

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