February 5, 2016

Three Things 2.5.2016

      It's Friday and the weekend is upon us! Other than enjoying the start of the weekend, sometimes there are things that I'm enjoying at the moment but they're not quite up to par for a full blown post of their own (this will probably become a separate post category!). It won't always be about beauty or fashion related items, but just things I'm enjoying in my everyday daily life that make me happy, and might make you happy as well!

Skinnydip Beetle Bag

      I know right? It's so shiny and rainbowtastic - I love it! It's a rather big bag, and probably the largest makeup bag that I have. It definitely can fit all your essentials plus a lot more. The image speaks for itself, I think I count around five colors or more being reflected in the photo. Available via Skinnydip here.

Casa Milky Tea Packets

      I have a major weakness and that's milk tea and bubble tea. But bubble tea is a major calorie fest, and cost around $4 for a cup of deliciousness. I always have a craving (like everyday) and I couldn't replicate the milk tea at home, until I stumbled upon Casa's milky tea packets. My favorite flavors are Nagasaki (honey green tea), Okinawa (brown sugar black milk tea), and Hokkaidou (traditional black milk tea with a slightly richer "Hokkaidou" milk flavor). Just tear open a packet, pour in hot water, and it tastes like pure bliss. It's rather hard to get and prices aren't reasonable on Amazon, but if you have a local Chinese supermarket near you, they should go for around $4 a box containing 10 packets each.

Madewell Waffleknit Turtleneck Sweater

      One major pet peeve of mine is itchy scratchy sweaters, but this has to be everyone's pet peeve right? It's so rare to find a sweater that doesn't feel like a dozen needles are pricking your skin and at a reasonable price at that. Which is why I adore this turtleneck from Madewell. It's so soft to the touch and when you wear it. It's probably because it's partly made with Alpaca wool which is known to be incredibly soft and not prickly unlike wool. Available via Madewell here

Are you enjoying anything lately?

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