February 26, 2016

Link Love - Free Printable Posters by NASA, How to Eat Ramen Correctly & Misty Copeland Recreating Famous Art Pieces

1. NOVELTY: I've always had a thing for the stars, space, and planets. It frightens but fascinates me all at the same time. Although viable space travel to other planets is still a thing of sci fi movies, NASA has created 14 printable posters entitled "Visions of the Future" that envision a future where new frontiers are discovered in space. My personal favorite is the Venus poster!

2. HOME: One of the most gorgeous interiors I've come across lately. I absolutely love the blue, grey, and white color palette in this house.

3. RECIPE: I love chips and dip, it's a vice of mine and when I see them together I can't stop eating. If you're like me, definitely check out this roasted corn dip recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks. It's easy, fast, and sure to be a crowd pleaser!

4. BEAUTY: There are so many naturally beautiful women in the world, and this fact remains true even when a person isn't photoshopped. Just take a look at these portraits and photos of models and celebrities that support this fact. 

5. NOVELTY: Slupring, bowl tipping, and eating quickly - all pretty much faux pas when it comes to eating etiquette here in America, but did you know that these mannerisms are actually encouraged in Japan when eating ramen? Check out the link for the culturally correct way to eat ramen from the country that is famous for the dish.

6. FASHION: Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Misty Copeland, and French painter Degas all come together in a perfect and glorious recreation of fashion and art. See Misty Copeland pose in beautiful couture pieces that are inspired by art works by Edgar Degas.

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