February 1, 2016

Makeup Brush Collection Refresh With Hakuhodo

      When I first heard of Hakuhodo, I almost immediately told myself that they were a brand that was just priced way out of my league. For some reason, I thought a majority of their brushes started around $80 and that it was just an unjustifiable purchase unless you were in the professional makeup industry. But after coming across the brand during my research for reasonable yet quality brushes, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Hakuhodo offered brushes that were as low as $18. That got me sucked into their website for a good two hours browsing all their brush lines. After a lot of research and exercising some self-control, I took the plunge and ordered three brushes from their J-Line.

      After browsing all of their brush lines, I exclusively stuck to the J-Line. I found that the J-Line had the most reasonable prices and by far had the largest range of brushes. Furthermore, after cross referencing many different sources, I discovered that the only difference between all the lines is the handle - the heads of the brushes are the same across all the lines. Since I didn't care for a 15k gold plated ferrule or a laquered handle (they are exquisite however), and only cared about the quality of the brush head itself, the J-Line was perfect.

      I decided that since this was my first time purchasing any brushes from Hakuhodo, and the fact that I have never actually touched any brushes from the brand, that it was smart to stick to purchasing brushes that have consistently gotten amazing reviews from around the web. So I narrowed it down and purchased three brushes (all the brushes haven't been washed yet so the brushes are photographed prewashed):

Blush Brush J210 // $45
      The J210 is Hakuhodo's best selling blush brush, and is one of those brushes that most people purchase when they are first introduced to Hakuhodo. It is on the smaller side of blush brushes, but that's exactly what I was looking for since most blush brushes are actually too big for my taste. It's the perfect size and so unbelievably soft.


      I read somewhere that Hakuhodo has an OEM contract with MAC to make the famous 217 brush, except Hakuhodo's version is cheaper at $19 and better in quality. Compared to my MAC 217, the brush is so much softer. Although I love my MAC 217, it has always felt rather prickly on my eye area. Separate review and comparison to be posted soon!


      I didn't really have a dedicated highlighter brush so I was happy to find the J5521. It seemed like the perfect size - not too big or small, and tapered so that you can easily glide powder highlighter over your cheekbone. And of course, it's incredibly soft.


Concluding Remarks

      If you turned a blind eye to Hakuhodo because like me you thought the brand was just way too pricey, take a look at their website! You'll find that a good amount of brushes are really on the same price level as some department store brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, and NARS. However, I think Hakuhodo is by far better in quality. I don't regret my purchase at all, but I'm afraid that this is the start of my (rather expensive) relationship with Hakuhodo - I already have my eye on two more brushes! Shipping is only $9 for priority within the US, so it's well worth it if you want to purchase two or more brushes. Hakuhodo brushes are available exclusively to purchase on their official ecommerce site here.

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