February 29, 2016

My Three Favorite Drugstore Skincare Brands For Sensitive Skin

      First off, it's February 29th! Happy Leap Year! There are some lovely amazing skincare brands that are available in drugstores. I actually don't even shop around for higher end products when it comes so some of my drugstore favorites because the products from the drugstore work so well. Especially now with Duane Reade (also a subsidiary of Walgreens) carries imported skincare brands from the French like Avene, the choices at the drugstore are better and more expansive than ever. Check out three of my favorite drugstore skincare brands and some of my favorite products from the brand that are perfect for sensitive skin after the jump!


Favorite Products

1. Cicalfate: talked about here and here.

2. Skin Recovery Cream: mentioned here. A recent favorite of mine, and it's made my skin so happy and breakout free.

3. Eau Thermale Facial Spray: a very light and thermal water packed facial spray.

4. Extremely Gentle Cleansing Lotion: one of the most gentlest ways to remove your makeup.



Favorite Products

1. Daily Moisturizing Lotion: I've been using this lotion right around when I started college. It's my all time favorite fragrance free sensitive skin suitable body lotion.

2. Daily Moisturizing Body Wash: One of the pricier options at the drugstore for a body wash, but it smells amazing and lathers up into this creamy bubbly texture that doesn't strip moisture away from your skin.



Favorite Products

1. Gentle Skin Cleanser: A nonlathering super gentle cleanser that is made for those who have very sensitive and irritable skin.

2. Daily Facial Cleanser: Also nonlathering, but unlike the Gentle Skin Cleanser the Daily Facial cleanser is a clear gel like texture that is geared more towards those with combination or oily skin.

What are your go-to all time favorite drugstore skincare brands?


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