March 2, 2016

A Fragrant Diptyque Haul

      NYC can be a rough place to live sometimes, but then I remember that it's the city where there are sample sales every month and everything seems worth it once more. It just so happened that this month was the highly anticipated Diptyque Sample Sale. Yesterday was the first day of the sample sale, and I was able to get into the sale pretty early. The sale is considered one of the most notoriously crowded and popular sample sales, but I was able to grab a couple good candles and then some!


Most of the standard sized candles were $35, but Ambre was only $10! It's not one of the most popular scents, but I liked the slightly spicy woody scent so I grabbed one.

Probably my favorite candle that I was able to get. The geranium notes are fresher than the rose, but the combination of the two is just divine!

Another rose family scented candle, Tubereuse (tuberose) is the sweetest of the bunch and is going to be perfect for spring.

Ever since I discovered the Godiva shampoo bar from Lush, I've been loving jasmine scented things. This is the most floral of the bunch, and it smells as if there were a bouquet of jasmine flowers right next to me.



Contrary to what I think most people went to the sample sale for (candles), I went primarily to get this perfume - L'Ombre dans L'eau, the perfume equivalent to Baies. Ever since trying a sample of this, it was just love at first spray. I decided to get the eau de toilette rather than the eau de parfum because the eau de parfum had more pronounced "green" notes in it (black currant leaf). I preferred the rose and black currant fruit notes more, so I chose the eau de toilette version. I got it in the large and small size so I can leave the large size at home and take the smaller one with me when I travel.


Hourglass Diffuser

Hourglass Diffuser in Baies

Although I had the option of choosing from Ambre, Roses, and Figuier, I ended up going with Baies for the diffuser because it really is one of my favorite scents from Diptyque. I can't wait to try out the diffuser! Hopefully it works as beautifully as it looks.


Tips For the Sale

      If you missed this year's sale, fret not as it comes around every year around the same time. The Diptyque Sample Sale is really popular - by the time I had left the sale the line had wrapped around the entire building and sources stated it was 200 people strong by 8am when the sale started. Get to this sale early and on the first day to grab your top picks. If the sale continues to be at C21 Edition, the first 30 people in line are usually the first group to go in. Afterwards, it's 1 to 1 person ratio which is why the line is so slow to move after the initial group goes in.

      Standard candles as expected go fast, and unless you're the first five or so people to get in for the first day of the public sale (a preview night for VIPs and friends & family occurs the night before where many popular scents are already snatched up), don't expect to be able to score coveted scents like Baies, Roses, or Figuier in the standard size. A good portion of the boxes were not shrink-wrapped so make sure to check that the right candle is inside. Secondly, if you are interested in Diptyque's perfumes, you'll have plenty to choose from and they last much longer than the candles, but I would recommend getting there early anyway since you may have to wait upwards of 2 hours just to get into the sale if you don't.


Closing Remarks

      The Diptyque Sample Sale is still going on today! (click here for details and pricing) Last year the sale didn't go until the scheduled third day because they ran out of items, so be sure to stop by today if you can! I myself may return to the sale to pick up some more cheeky purchases....


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