March 25, 2016

Link Love - "Hangover" Makeup Trend, Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee, & Pretty Doors from Around the World

1. HOME: One of the most prettiest interiors I've come across lately - I'm just incredibly envious of the curtains in this space. I can only hope one day I'll be able to have curtains that make a similarly gorgeous statement. 

2. VIDEO: So maybe not exactly a link that I love, but I did want to share it nevertheless! There are trends that I like, ones that I understand why they may be popular, and others that I just plain don't get. The "hangover" makeup trend falls into the third category. It's basically putting blush (or another reddish pink color) under your eyes to make it look like you had a "long night." Odd, I know, but click on the link to see a tutorial on it if you're curious!

3. FOOD: For all my fellow coffee and infographic lovers, look no further. Here are five infographics on how to brew the perfect coffee using five different methods.

4. BEAUTY: Glossier launched Phase 2 which is their makeup kit! You get a lip product, concealer, and their already cult status Boy Brow. If you're not into the kit, you can also buy each product separately. What do I have my eye on? The Stretch Concealer which Glossier touts as highly blendable and noncakey. Sold.

5. NOVELTY: Do you have a thing for pretty doors? Well I sure do. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Andre Vincente Goncalves's website that had collages of beautiful doors from around the world! Bonus, he also has collages of windows!

6. HISTORY: It's Woman's History Month this March, so click on through to give thanks to these inspiring woman whose actions changed the world and made life for all women throughout the world better.

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