March 7, 2016

Product Review: Cailyn O! Wow Foundation Brush

     Once in a while you come across a beauty item that completely changes the beauty game for you, and then you sincerely and truly cannot live without it anymore. Well, that's what the Cailyn O! Wow Foundation Brush has done to me. I first became aware of this particular type of makeup brush after popping by Space NK and seeing the Artis Oval brushes. After getting some sticker shock on the prices, I decided to do some research on the product and saw that Kylie Jenner uses this type of brush to put on her moisturizer. I really didn't want to shell out the money for a brush, so imagine my excitement when I saw what looked like a dupe for the brushes right in the drugstore.

Cailyn O! Wow Foundation Brush
Price: $32

Through its velvet-like bristles and densely packed ultra fine fibers, this amazing brush is made to ensure an airbrushed effect, with an immaculate streak-free touch. This brush features a dome, angular shaped surface that is beautifully crafted to blend foundation, powder, cream, moisturizer and primers seamlessly into your skin. The pointed tip is designed to fit perfectly underneath the hollows of the eye, and helps contour your facial features. The sturdy, self-standing handle with a slip off cap prevents bristles from germs, dirt and dusts, making this makeup tool the ultimate travel companion.


      First off, this brush feels extremely soft and the bristles are packed in very densely. It's a little bit on the smaller side as you can see from the above picture, but I appreciate that the designers of the brush took the time to make the ends pointed as it makes applying your foundation around your nose much easier. In terms of application, it's an utter dream. It applies foundation so evenly and seamlessly. I have to say that it does apply foundation rather thinly across your face, so you will have to apply more layers to get more coverage. I read some other reviews that users had to press down rather hard for the brush to apply their foundation well, but I didn't experience that. I found that swiping the brush across my face with a normal amount of strength was completely sufficient. The way that this brush applies your foundation, it looks like you have no foundation on at all. It's incredible. Plus, since the bristles are packed so densely together and the brush surface is flat, it feels like you're giving your face a mini massage. What more can you ask for?


Concluding Remarks

      I was able to get the brush for $29, but it retails for $32. Although it's not in my pictures, the brush also comes with a travel cap making it very travel friendly (I'm definitely taking it with me when I travel!). At this price point, it is a complete steal and a must have for any beauty and makeup lover. If you have an Amazon prime account, it's available with prime shipping here!

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