March 23, 2016

Three of My Current Transitional Skincare Products From Winter to Spring

     Luckily NYC had a very mild winter this year, but I hope that means hot sticky weather isn't around the corner either! For the most part I'm still using my winter moisturizer, but I've been transitioning to lighter moisturizers when the temperatures here hit the mid 60's. Since I have oily skin, I can't use any of my winter skincare items when the weather gets warmer and I actually change out every product from my winter skincare routine to my summer skincare regime. My favorite type of moisturizer to use in the spring and summer are gel moisturizers that are paired with a lightly hydrating serum and those are just the products that I'm featuring in today's post.

This is the lightest moisturizer I currently have on my beauty shelf, and it's going to be my primary spring and summer moisturizer. It's a refreshing moisturizer that doesn't feel like your skin is weighed down which is important in warm temperatures, but you still feel like you're getting plenty of hydration. Full review here

I really like this moisturizer (recently review here) because it's a gel moisturizer but a more heavy duty one. It's creamier and more hydrating than Aqua Bomb, but still light enough to use in warmer weathers. I may even use Tidal as my night time moisturizer when the weather gets warm. It smells of cucumbers too, which for some reason I tend to associate with summertime.

When I first reviewed this serum I knew it was the perfect spring/summer serum. Since it's a hybrid between a toner and serum, you get this well balanced serum that provides just the right amount of hydration in warmer weather. Plus, it smells pretty amazing too!

What skincare products are you looking forward to using in the spring/summer?


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