March 4, 2016

Worth It - Beauty & Makeup Products That Are Worth the Splurge

      Happy Friday!! I frequently get sticker shock from some of the beauty or skincare products out there. It's a real gamble because you just never know whether the product is worth the luxurious price tag. As much research as you do before you invest in something (I'm totally guilty of reading up before I shell out!), you just hope that the product will work for you as well as it has for the author. I love reading other people's posts about what they absolutely love and would pay full price for, so hopefully this list will be helpful to you too!


Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Reviewed here. I absolutely love this facial oil because it's light but extremely moisturizing. It's definitely better than argan oil which made my skin feel very heavy and greasy. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate sinks in fast, and it travels to the lower layers of your skin overnight to give you a hydrated within feeling without that greasy after feeling. 

Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder
Exfoliating using a powder that transforms into foamy cleanser is a fairly new thing and not a lot of brands make exfoliating powders. I am expecting that more skincare brands will be jumping on this trend fairly soon. For good reason too, it's an extremely gentle but effective way to exfoliate. It was a little odd, but satisfying when I first used Tatcha's Rice Enzyme Powder (review here). At $65 per bottle (but a very pretty bottle!) it's not cheap, but it lasts forever and does some really good favors for your skin!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm
At $19, this is a pretty pricey pot of lip balm when you can get a tube of Chapstick for merely $2. But trust, its moisturizing but matte texture and honey lemon scent will have you hooked. When compared to pricier luxury lip balms by Dior ($28 for the Creme de Rose and a whopping $60 for the By Terry Baume de Rose), it's a bargain. And honestly, you'll probably get substantially the same results as if you used some of the more pricier lip balms.



L'Ombre dans L'eau
Even though I just recently purchased this perfume from the Diptyque Sample Sale (see my haul here), I've been wearing it for a month now due to have been given several samples to test out. It is the most expensive perfume (retail value is $125 for 3.4oz) that I own, but it also is the longest lasting perfume that I own. I find that all the perfumes from Diptyque are very complex and has that, "Je n'ais sais quoi" missing from other perfumes. I personally think that it's because Diptyque extracts the true natural scent of its ingredients so when you smell the fragrance, it smells like you're really smelling a rose, a fruit, or an incense.


Makeup & Beauty

Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes
Oh how Hakuhodo has spoiled me. The white goat hair brushes are exquisitely soft to the touch and they just feel so soft on your skin too. Read my full review here.

Tom Ford Mini Lipsticks
A normal standard size lipstick from Tom Ford cost $52 which I know is uber outrageous. So imagine my happy surprise when the brand first revealed that they would be releasing mini lipsticks for $32 (which if you do the math and calculate it by oz, it's more worthwhile to get the mini lipsticks!). I got the mini lipstick in Collin (which is Indian Rose in the standard size) and it's my perfect my lips but better shade. It's just so flattering and the formula is hydrating and not drying like other lipsticks. Truly obsessed.

The formula of the Glossy Stains are incredible. It has the most unique finish - glossy and shiny but stays put like a stain. At $36 I was really hesitant and doubtful that a lip product could be worth the price tag - but it is one of the best lip product formulas I've tried.

What beauty or skincare products do you own that you think are worth the splurge?


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