April 22, 2016

Beauty Discourse: My Current Skincare Routine Spring 2016

      Today I wanted to share my current skincare routine - morning, night, and including what products I use to remove my makeup. I had a bout of breakouts a couple weeks ago out of nowhere (I blame the weather transition from winter to spring), but I'm currently breakout free and I'm pretty sure I owe it to several new products that I've incorporated into my skincare routine. I'm currently really enjoying this skincare routine as I've made it a point going into the new year to invest in quality skincare products to combat my acne and hyperpigmentation.  

Morning Skincare Routine

      In the morning when I wake up I splash my face with lukewarm water and then I "cleanse" with Bioderma. Then I put on an essence, right now it's the Mineral Essence by Cremorlab. After spritzing my face with the Facial Toner by Dr. Hauschka, I use the Rose Absolute Serum by Aromatica. To seal it all in I use either the Skin Recovery Cream by Avene which is a heavier moisturizer or Tidal by Sunday Riley depending on how much moisturization my skin needs on that particular day or how warm the weather is. Last but not least, I top it all off with my favorite sunscreen by Shiseido.


Makeup Removal Routine

      When I get home from work the first thing I always do without fail is remove all my makeup. Depending on my mood, I either use the Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier or the more heavy duty Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC. And just to make sure I've gotten absolutely everything off, I follow up with a wet cotton pad soaked with Beauty Water by Son and Park.


Night Time Skincare Routine

      At night I bring out all my exfoliating products and I know you're going to think "wow, that's a lot of AHAs and BHAs she's got going on," but my acne prone skin loves it and I've slowly taught my skin to build up a tolerance for alpha hydroxy acids so much so that I rarely ever get flakey from such products. Lately I've been cleansing my face with Ceramic Slip in the shower. After hopping out of the shower I again use the Mineral Essence by Cremorlab, and follow up with a spritz or two of the Facial Toner. Now I use all my "treatment" products with Effaclar Duo up first which is my primary acne fighting product. Then I use Good Genes followed up with Luna which are both by Sunday Riley (she recommends using the products in the reverse order but I personally prefer Good Genes first and then Luna) and I seal it all in with the Super Multi-Corrective Cream by Kiehls (of which I'm so sad I'm almost out of!). The last step is my eye cream which has lately been the Creamy Eye Treatment also by Kiehls.


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