April 20, 2016

Link Love: The Evolution of Fruits, Looks from Coachella, & Things to Consider When Changing Jobs

1. FASHION: Festival season is in full swing with this past weekend being the first of two weekends for Coachella. Although I don't personally think I would look good in the bohemian festival look, I still appreciate and admire all the creative and eclectic looks that people come up with during the festival.

2. VIDEO: The world is not how we really know it - no seriously it isn't. All the globes we've used growing up in geography class are wrong! This video compares continents and countries based on their actual size by square miles and not by how they look on a globe. Really interesting stuff, be sure to check it out.

3. HOME: I love bright and airy spaces with tons of natural light and pops of color such as navy and gold. If that's something that's also up your alley, check out this lovely home tour and video of a makeup youtuber's gorgeous space.

4. FASHION: I love the Jensen booties by Acne, but I loathe the price tag!! So when I saw these almost exact replica of the Jensen booties by Marc Fisher for less than half the price of the Jensen booties, I was ecstatic! If you're on a budget, definitely consider these if you're also a lover of the Jensen booties.

5. VIDEO: What did veggies and fruits look like before mankind domesticated them? I never really knew and didn't think that they looked that much different, but they definitely did! 

6. NOVELTY: Thinking about changing jobs but aren't sure whether it's worth it? This job offer evalutator by Fidelity makes the decision a little easier by comparing your current job with a new job offer and whether it's worth it to make the big switch.

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