April 13, 2016

Sephora Spring 2016 Sale Haul

      "Quality and not quantity" is a motto that I try to live by, so I tried really hard to stick to that motto when deciding what to purchase for the Sephora VIB spring sale event. As you can see from above, my haul was little but pricey! I concentrated on exclusively skincare items since I didn't need anything in the markup department. I also decided to splurge and purchase Sunday Riley items since I've been dying to try her products out for the longest time, and Luna has been on the top of my wishlist for a couple months now.

      I knew I wanted to first and foremost purchase the Power Couple which contains the Luna oil and Good Genes at .5oz each (the full size is 1.0z) for $78 - a great deal when coupled with the 15% off. I've already started using Ceramic Slip, Good Genes, and Luna and will be reviewing those products in the near future after I have given them ample time for a sufficient review. I'm also excited to try the May Coop Raw Sauce essence! It looks promising. As for the Shiseido Urban Factor sunscreen, that's a long time favorite of mine that I always stock up on every sale since I go through a bottle every couple months. Don't forget to check out my recommendations for the sale in this post here. The sale ends today and I'm going to try my very best not to make any last minute purchases!

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