April 25, 2016

Skincare Package from Amore Pacific & Aritaum

     Amore Pacific by way of  Aritaum was very kind enough to send me* some skincare products to test out and review in anticipation of their expansion into the US market! Amore Pacific is one of the biggest Korean makeup and beauty conglomerates in South Korea. I've already reviewed and mentioned a lot of their brands on the blog which include IOPE, Hera, Laneige, Innisfree, Mamonde, & their flagship brand Amore Pacific which is already available at high end department stores and Sephoras here in the States. This is just a small sampling of products that will start to be more widely available to consumers in the US!

*These products were provided to me care of Amore Pacific, but all opinions are my own.

      If you've been a longtime reader of the blog, you'll probably remember that I first mentioned ARITAUM back when I first visited Korea in November of 2014 (see my full post here). The feel of the stores is similar to Sephora in that they have a sleek and modern aesthetic to their stores. "The name ARITAUM (pronounced “ar-ree-ta-um”) comes from the words for 'beauty' and 'place' in Korean. ARITAUM is a division of AmorePacific, South Korea’s #1 skincare and cosmetics company, known for their innovative products that combine Asian botanical ingredients with cutting-edge technology." Aritatum stores will carry the following brands:

  • IOPE uses the latest developments in bio-technology and dermatological research to provide targeted solutions. Some of IOPE’s most popular products include Air Cushion®, the best selling cushion foundation in Korea, and Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent, an ultra-rich anti-aging moisturizer.
  • Laneige utilizes scientifically-engineered mineral water to hydrate, protect and revitalize individual skin types. Its best-selling products are Firming Sleeping Mask and Water Sleeping Mask, an award-winning overnight revitalizing gel mask.  
  • Mamonde is informed by extensive research into the skincare benefits of flowers and botanicals. Its signature product is First Energy Serum, which contains 78% flower aged vinegar as its primary ingredient.
  • Hanyul products are known for blending traditional Korean remedies with scientific principles. Its top seller is Rice Essential Skin Softener, a nutrient-rich lotion that uses enriched fermented red yeast rice extract.
  • Sulwhasoo is based on the holistic principles of Korean herbal medicine and infused with ginseng grown through a meticulous process on the AMOREPACIFIC farm. Its signature product is First Care Activating Serum, a boosting serum formulated to optimize the results of existing skincare.

      I was informed that Amore Pacific is starting to convert the currently now existing "The Amore" stores into Aritaum stores. This is great news especially for Korean beauty and makeup lovers because Aritaum stores carry both skincare and makeup items while The Amore stores carry primarily skincare items. In the upcoming weeks I'll be reviewing the above items that were sent to me - the IOPE XP Cushion, various sheet masks including some bio-cellulose masks from the Aritaum brand, and I'll be writing an updated review on the IOPE Bio Essence (see my original review where I raved about it here). If you're curious to see whether an Aritaum is already near you, check out their full list of locations here.

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