May 23, 2016

A Revisit of IOPE's Bio Essence

      I think out of all the beauty products I've written about here on the blog over the past two years, no one product has gotten more attention and posts than essences. And rightly so because essences are amazing and total game changers when it comes to skincare. Today I'll be doing a revisit on the IOPE Bio Essence* because it was one of the first essences I used and fell in love it (read my orignal review here). I would say that it still remains one of my top essences - click through the jump to see why.

*This product was provided to me care of Amore Pacific, but all opinions are my own.

      The first time I used the IOPE essence I used my hands to apply the essence to my face. Amore Pacific provided me with a box of cotton pads this time around to apply the essence. The directions say to place a cotton pad soaked with the essence weaved in between your fingers with your index finger on the outside. Then with sweeping motions going from your inner face to your outer face, wipe the cotton pad across your face until the essence is absorbed. Do I think the cotton pads are absolutely necessary? No definitely not, but it can be a nice relaxing ritual to do before you go to bed. I still absolutely adore this essence as it's great for sensitive noses since it's fragrance free, but I don't know what it is about this essence but despite its water like texture, it feels more hydrating on the skin than its other essence counterparts. It's this quality that made me fall in love with this essence over others which is why I highly recommend the Bio Essence if you're a first time essence user, or veteran. Watch out for more Aritaum stores opening up around the US in the coming future which will house the IOPE brand along with other Amore Pacific brands! Until then, the essence is available online via Amazon

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