May 6, 2016

Cushion Foundation Comparisons - Hera, Club Clio, & IOPE

      It's finally Friday! And we're ending Cushion Week on the blog with a comparison of cushions from Club Clio, IOPE, and Hera. Hera was my first cushion and I fell more in love with it (after giving it a moderately good review) the more I used it. I'm currently on my third refill of the Hera cushion. Now I've acquired (and most likely will acquire more) additional cushion foundations since using Hera. With the cushion foundation trend remaining strong over the past 2-3 years, many brands have been coming out with different types of cushion foundations - long wearing, matte, moisturizing, ampoule, intense cover, etc. There are now so many different types of cushions available so it can be a daunting buying process. Hopefully this comparison post will help you narrow down which cushion is right for you!

Cushion Compact Size
  • Club Clio: The Kill Cover cushion is sleek and edgy in appearance with black trimming and a light beige cover. I personally really like the look of this cushion.

  • Hera: Hera's cushion is smaller than Club Clio's and more rounder in shape. Surprisingly despite being smaller, it is slightly heavier in weight. I'm not in love with the look of the Hera UV Mist Cushion, but I think Hera has or will be changing their compact to be similar to the Age Rewind compact which looks much better and more fitting for the brand in my opinion.

  • IOPE: As to be expected since Hera and IOPE are both under the parent company of Amore Pacific, their compacts are very comparable to each other in both size, weight, and overall look and feel. Although the IOPE cushion is similar to Hera's, I think it is fitting because it blends in well with the rest IOPE's clean and simple aesthetic.

Cushion Sponges
  • Club Clio: Club Clio's sponge is different from Hera, IOPE's, and other puff sponges that I've come across. It has a less smoother surface than Hera and IOPE, I do think it is made with a different type of material than your traditional cushion puff sponge. Unfortunately, out of all the three sponges Club Clio's absorbs the most product from the cushion.

  • Hera: Hera's sponge has a purple surface and I do find that this sponge seems to sustain the most "stain damage" from the product. I'm not sure if it's because of the purple coloring, but I do find after repeated application, product does start to build up easily on the sponge.

  • IOPE: IOPE's sponge has a blue surface. The sponge is very new so unfortunately I haven't been able to give it a proper review! It will most likely be comparable to Hera's however as it seems to be made of the same material.

  • Club Clio (first top swatch): Out of all three cushions Club Clio in Linen is the most yellow but it is also the cushion with the most coverage. Definitely not for those with pink undertones, and even those of you with yellow undertones, if the shade isn't a perfect match for your skin you must blend the edges out very well or you will be able to see the demarcation lines. 

  • IOPE (middle swatch): IOPE in N21 is slightly more pink than both Club Clio and Hera. It provides more natural light to medium buildable coverage. It also wears pretty long if you set it with a setting powder. N21 is actually a near perfect shade match for my skin so it's a no fuss application for me.

  • Hera (bottom swatch): Hera in N21 is the most neutral out of all three with a nice balance of pink and yellow undertones. The finish is similar to IOPE's in that it provides natural medium coverage. Hera's cushion set with a setting powder can last a full workday for me (just under 12 hours from initial application until I get home and take off my makeup) and still look primarily intact.

Concluding Remarks

      Out of all three, I would have to say that Hera is my dependable go to tried and true cushion, IOPE is for when I want an everyday low maintenance makeup look cushion, while Club Clio is when I want to achieve flawless looking skin but I wouldn't be wearing it all day. If I had to recommend one out of the three, it would be IOPE's simply because it is so affordable at $38 with two refills, and it is more widely available in the US than Hera and Club Clio. 

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