May 2, 2016

Product Review: Club Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion in Linen

      Happy Monday! Today will be the start of Cushion Week here on the blog! All three posts this week will be about cushion foundations with two reviews of different cushions and one comparison post to be uploaded on Friday. Today's post will be about Club Clio's Kill Cover Ampoule cushion foundation. From various bloggers and beauty youtubers, I've read and heard good things about Club Clio's foundations in that they provide really good coverage. When I saw that the brand recently came out with an "ampoule" version (another word for a hydrating serum) of their cushion foundation, I purchased it because I was curious on what a cushion foundation made up with 52% serum felt like and how it wore on the skin.

Club Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Foundation
Price: $50
Shade: Linen

Dry skin? Need coverage that lasts? Clio's Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion is formula includes 52% of a hydrating ampoule, to deliver long-lasting and intensive hydration without feeling greasy or heavy. In addition, it provides excellent, natural and seamless coverage, resulting in an even and beautifully, silky and radiant complexion. Comes in three shades, and includes an extra refill!

Unfortunately the ingredient list is in Korean and I can't find a translation of the ingredients online.


      The product is aptly and appropriately named "Kill Cover" because the coverage on this foundation is full coverage. If you take a look above you can see that the foundation pretty much covers up the natural blue coloring from my veins that comes through the skin. (sorry if that slightly grossed you out but there is no other way to really describe it!) I only had to use a minimal amount of concealer (on my worst and darkest acne scars) to achieve a flawless look as the formula covers up most moderate to minimal flaws. I got the foundation in the shade "linen" and it is more yellow based and is supposed to cancel out any redness and I find that it does live up to this claim. The sponge that comes with the cushion is slightly different from other puff sponges I've used in that it unfortunately seems to soak in more product than others. Fortunately with this cushion, a little goes a very long way. I barely have to press down on the cushion to get enough product to cover a good amount of a section of my face. I also like how the product doesn't have a scent to it, so for those of you with sensitive noses this would be a really good cushion option. The advertisements for this cushion show women pressing the air puff into their skin which triggers waves of water coming from their skin. Yes, while this cushion is more hydrating on the skin than a normal non-ampoule cushion, I still think you need to prime your skin well in order to avoid an application that draws attention to any dry spots. I do love the finish this cushion gives, it really does cancel out any redness and it just leaves your skin with a sophisticated radiant finish. Unfortunately however, it doesn't last all day even though the cushion claims to be long-wearing (I do apply a setting powder as well). On a normal workday where I can be out of the home for 10-12 hours, the foundation starts to crease and separately badly by the 6th hour. This really bummed me out because I was really hoping it would be long wearing.


Concluding Remarks

      If you're looking for a long wearing cushion foundation that will last a normal workday or a long night out, this may not be the cushion for you. I would say you can get a good 4-5 hour flawless wear from this foundation before it starts to wear off and separate. Of course you can always touch up your foundation, but if you're like me and can't be bothered and want your makeup to stay primarily intact without a second application throughout the day, skip this cushion. That being said, it does provide a beautiful natural looking finish especially for a full coverage foundation. Lastly, this foundation is a lot cheaper in Korea retailing for around $30 rather than the $45-50 markup here in America. So if you can, purchase it in Korea! The cushion is available in Club Clio stores and Club Clio Online

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