June 29, 2016

Four Summer Skincare Product Essentials

      Like last year, I'll be taking a short post hiatus due to the upcoming July 4th weekend! This will be my last post for the next week or so. I feel like summer and winter are the hardest months in terms of skincare. In the winter you feel like you can't moisturize your skin enough, while in the summer you want to hydrate but you don't want to feel like a grease pit. For the summer months I personally try to use products that are light in texture but still deliver ample hydration. I usually rotate my skincare products seasonally, but there are four types of skincare products that I always have in my summer skincare routine (besides sunscreen) that I feel provide my skin with the hydration it needs without feeling weighed down.

June 27, 2016

"Innovation of KBeauty" at Aritaum

      This past Friday I was invited to an event at the Aritaum in Ridgefield, New Jersey called "The Innovation of KBeauty." As I mentioned before in another post, Amore Pacific is planning to expand into the US market by converting their now existing Amore stores into Aritaum stores. The focus of this event was the beloved cushion foundation and its history. Cushion Foundations have become so widespread even now in the US, but I learned a lot of facts about the cushion foundation's origins and history at this event since Amore Pacific was the first company to launch the cushion foundation back in 2008.

June 24, 2016

I ❤ NY: The Oculus at the World Trade Center & Brookfield Place

      Happy Friday! I've been in a kind of writer's/content block lately, so today I'll be sharing photos from the Oculus and Brookfield Place here in New York City. Four billion dollars - that's how much it cost to make the Oculus (pictured above) which is actually a train station located downtown at the World Trade Center. It's really an oddity in NYC because with a city where there are always people no matter where you go, the place (at least as of right now) is eerily immaculate with its white beams, floor to wall marble tile, and empty sterile hallways. I visited back in April, and since then I've read that as with all things in NYC, it is going to be commercialized and one of the hallways is going to have a huge LED screen solely dedicated to advertising. Kind of a shame if you ask me especially given the fact that this is where 911 occurred. Brookfield Place, which is connected underground houses a small shopping center, an upscale food court, and a lovely outdoor pier area, is more crowded than the Oculus. It's a great place to stop by and grab some lunch and sit outside to enjoy the boats passing by.

June 22, 2016

Product Review: May Coop Raw Sauce

      If you're a longtime reader you'll know that I swear by essences and I'm on a mission to try as many essences as I can! Since May Coop, a Korean skincare brand that utilizes the sap from a maple tree in their products, was readily available at Sephora I obviously had to try it! It comes in a nice substantial frosted glass bottle, and the packaging is also really thoughtful in that it comes with its own drawstring bag which is really convenient for traveling or reusing it to store other items such as makeup brushes. Because the essence is thicker than water, I was really looking forward to comparing it to other water-like essences I've tried.

June 20, 2016

Zoella Beauty Body Lotions

      I remember when I first subscribed to Zoella years ago when she had under 1 million subscribers. The first video I watched of hers is when she still lived with her parents and was talking about the items she got at a carboot sale (a British term for basically a hybrid between a garage sale and flea market where people sell their belongings from the trunk of their car). It's kind of crazy (but exciting and amazing!) to see that she now has amassed over 10 million followers on Youtube and has her own beauty line that focuses on bath and body products. I believe her line is now going on the third year, and her recent line is called Sweet Inspirations which is inspired by a French bakery that makes macarons. I was in the market to buy some new scented body lotions so I decided to purchase two of her body lotions.

June 17, 2016

Trend Discourse: Off the Shoulder Tops

Image Source: Le21eme

      I haven't done one of these trend discourse posts in a while! But I had to do one because there is one clear trend this summer and that's off the shoulder tops and dresses - this trend has seriously taken off and I see it everywhere and worn by just about everyone. I'm not really surprised either as it's sort of a perfect trend for summer. It's also called the "Bardot" top or dress which I can safely assume is a homage to Bridget Bardot. I've also seen this trend dressed formally and dressed super casually. It's really versatile and whether your budget is high or low, and I've seen so many options available from the designer brands all the way to the super affordable like Forever 21.

June 15, 2016

Loving Lately - Summer Nude & Neutral Nail Polishes

      I've been loving going nude lately for the summer - on my nails that is! Despite having accumulated a healthy amount of nude/neutral polishes, I still haven't found my perfect nude polish. Still, I'm loving the ones I currently have to choose from, and have been loving a nude/neutral manicure for the hot summer months. Click through to see some of my go to nude/neutral polishes!

June 13, 2016

Product Review: Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack & Egg Mousse Soap Cleansers

      And we're back! The lighting this weekend was much better than the (nonexistent) lighting last weekend. I had this particular post scheduled which is a dual review of the egg cleansers by Too Cool for School. When I was in Korea approximately two years ago, I loved the feeling and concept of Too Cool for School. The shops were eclectic, funky, and offbeat but a good number of their products were themed around "school" (hence the name). Out of the other Korean beauty brands that have been around for ages, Too Cool for School is a fairly new brand to the kbeauty scene and thus rather hard to purchase in the states. Imagine my excitement when Sephora started carrying some of their products! Hopefully as well, their official US ecommerce site will be up and running soon as I spy an "estore" tab on their official site that states "coming soon."

June 6, 2016

I ❤ NY: Watkins Glen State Park

      Today's post is a little different because one, it wasn't one of the three planned posts for this week and two, it's very different from the usual beauty and fashion post. I originally had some product reviews and beauty related posts planned, but this past weekend was totally cloudy and try as I did, the photos just didn't come out well! So I just decided to forego the posts this week and hope that next weekend the lighting is better. I do have a couple new products to review! In regards to this post, my boyfriend and I wanted to get out of the city and away from the crowds during the Memorial Day weekend so we made the four and a half hour drive upstate from NYC to Watkins Glen State Park. Watkins Glen is known for its beautiful waterfalls, stone bridges, and is located in a gorge. Although it was really hot that weekend, the hike was beautiful! I hope you'll enjoy the photos and check back next week for the usual beauty related posts!

June 1, 2016

Summer Product Empties

      I hope everyone had a wonderful long and relaxing memorial day weekend! I have an empties post today, and I have to say that it really is a blogger thing to hoard all of your empty bottles in anticipation for an empties post. I have a small bag that is underneath my vanity that I just toss all my empty products into, and when I see it has a good amount of products I know it's time for an empties post. Since I really hate clutter and find throwing away things sort of cathartic, it's actually hard for me to allow the empties bag to build up too much! Anyways, onto the empties post - there are some products I really loved in this particular empties batch!