June 24, 2016

I ❤ NY: The Oculus at the World Trade Center & Brookfield Place

      Happy Friday! I've been in a kind of writer's/content block lately, so today I'll be sharing photos from the Oculus and Brookfield Place here in New York City. Four billion dollars - that's how much it cost to make the Oculus (pictured above) which is actually a train station located downtown at the World Trade Center. It's really an oddity in NYC because with a city where there are always people no matter where you go, the place (at least as of right now) is eerily immaculate with its white beams, floor to wall marble tile, and empty sterile hallways. I visited back in April, and since then I've read that as with all things in NYC, it is going to be commercialized and one of the hallways is going to have a huge LED screen solely dedicated to advertising. Kind of a shame if you ask me especially given the fact that this is where 911 occurred. Brookfield Place, which is connected underground houses a small shopping center, an upscale food court, and a lovely outdoor pier area, is more crowded than the Oculus. It's a great place to stop by and grab some lunch and sit outside to enjoy the boats passing by.

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