June 27, 2016

"Innovation of KBeauty" at Aritaum

      This past Friday I was invited to an event at the Aritaum in Ridgefield, New Jersey called "The Innovation of KBeauty." As I mentioned before in another post, Amore Pacific is planning to expand into the US market by converting their now existing Amore stores into Aritaum stores. The focus of this event was the beloved cushion foundation and its history. Cushion Foundations have become so widespread even now in the US, but I learned a lot of facts about the cushion foundation's origins and history at this event since Amore Pacific was the first company to launch the cushion foundation back in 2008.

      What you see above is the new cushion cells that all Amore Pacific brands will be implementing into their cushions. After hearing many complaints about "flipping the cushion sponge" from their customers in order to get more life out of the cushion, Amore Pacific developed a new cushion cell that minimizes the foundation settling into the bottom which subsequently negates the need to flip the cushion! Furthermore, the cushion compact itself along with the cushion sponge has become slightly smaller in order to make the cushion foundation even more travel friendly. In addition, the seal where the sponge rests on will now be made with an antimicrobial bacteria material to give it that extra mile of protection. Expect to see these new cushions rolling out in the US sometime next year!

     I also wanted to speak about a couple fun facts about cushion foundations that I learned. First, the cushion foundation originated from the concept of creating a "liquid that doesn't flow." After much brainstorming, an Amore Pacific research and development engineer became inspired by a stamp and ink pad in the way that it deposited the perfect amount of ink onto a paper but the ink from the ink pad didn't flow. Secondly, it took Amore Pacific two full years alone to create the cushion foundation sponge. The material is made from a polyurethane material that at the time had never been used in the cosmetic industry. However, Amore Pacific chose it because it "rejects" foundation and instead applies the foundation onto your skin instead of getting soaked into the sponge. The cushions from all Amore Pacific's subsidiary brands carry this technology and they also contain the same types of foundation pigments. The foundation in the cushions are specifically designed to be applied via the cushion air puff in that the pigment molecules are small, but deliver substantial color payoff. Lastly, for women of color, the wait will soon be finally over - since Amore Pacific is expanding to reach a more global market, they've already developed over 40 different shades for the cushion foundation that they're currently quality and control testing.

      Along with deluxe samples and other goodies given to me at the event, I also hauled a couple other items at Aritaum because obviously I couldn't resist! Check back on the blog in the near future to see full reviews of the Hanyul Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Water and Watery Calming Cream and the Sparkling Pop Essence by Laneige. I also was able to receive a deluxe sized sample of the IOPE Plant Stem Cell emulsion, softner, and cream along with the new formulation of the Bio Hydro Cream which will be rolled out into stores soon. The full sized Rose Water soothing gel by Mamonde (which I'm super excited to use because it smells divine!) was a free gift for spending over $90. All in all, super excited to try these products which are perfect skincare products for the summer!

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