June 3, 2016

Link Love - The Perfect Camera Bag, 32 Burger Recipes for Summer, and Antique Shopping

1. HOME: If you love modern spaces with clean lines, white brick, great textures, and large windows, this home will be right up your alley!

2. FASHION: Imagine a job where you're surrounded by luxury high end purses including the highly coveted Hermes Birkin bag. Now imagine that it's also your job to authenticate these purse while also auctioning them off to the highest bidder. Yes, there is such a job and it's with Christie's the auctioning company and the title is "handbag specialist."

3. SHOPPING: Since buying a new camera, I've been looking to buy a purse that will accommodate my camera, an extra lens if I need it, and my everyday essentials that's stylish and not too bulky. I have my eye on the Claremont crossbody bag by Lo and Sons because it fits the bill perfectly.

4. RECIPES: Summer is just around the corner (doesn't NYC know it, it was so hot and humid this past Memorial Day weekend) which means it's the season for outdoor barbeques! Personally, I'm going to have this huge list of 32 burger recipes handy.

5. TRAVEL: This past weekend I went to upstate New York for some hiking, on the way there my boyfriend and I stopped by this adorable town that had this huge two story store full of antiques and vintage items. I'm always looking for articles or lists of where to find these types of stores, and this is a list of some antique stores in Europe.

6. FASHION & ART: Check out this list of 20 inspirational women who are innovators in each of their particular industries. I actually have been following some of the women on this list before stumbling across this article!

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