June 1, 2016

Summer Product Empties

      I hope everyone had a wonderful long and relaxing memorial day weekend! I have an empties post today, and I have to say that it really is a blogger thing to hoard all of your empty bottles in anticipation for an empties post. I have a small bag that is underneath my vanity that I just toss all my empty products into, and when I see it has a good amount of products I know it's time for an empties post. Since I really hate clutter and find throwing away things sort of cathartic, it's actually hard for me to allow the empties bag to build up too much! Anyways, onto the empties post - there are some products I really loved in this particular empties batch!

      I loved the scent of the Fuji Green Tea body wash from The Body Shop as it was refreshing, crisp, and clean smelling. The whole green tea line scent is great for the upcoming summer months! The Kiehl's Super Multi Corrective Cream (without the SPF) has to be one of my favorite facial creams of all time - it's pricey yes, but I can feel and see visible results on my skin. I recently just repurchased an entire jar in the larger 2.5oz size! There are two more facial creams in this empties video that I also really enjoyed. The Skin Recovery Cream by Avene was the moisturizer I reached for when my skin was being belligerent and breaking out. It calmed down my skin but also gave it the hydration it needed. I also love how hygienic the bottle design is. Then there is also the Aqua Bomb gel cream by Belif - loved this stuff. It's such an affordable moisturizer that does great things for your skin. I'll probably be repurchasing it sometime soon in anticipation for the hot summer months. I used up two of my go-to acne products as well, La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo and the Dying Lotion by Mario Badescu. Highly recommend these two products if your skin is acne prone. Lastly, I also finished up a bottle of American Cream hair conditioner by Lush. Unfortunately it wasn't one of my favorites and I won't be repurchasing it. I felt like it didn't really do much to my hair and it almost immediately disintegrates once you place it on your hair. Not really the sort of texture I look for in a hair conditioner.

What products have you used up recently that you've loved or hated?


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