June 20, 2016

Zoella Beauty Body Lotions

      I remember when I first subscribed to Zoella years ago when she had under 1 million subscribers. The first video I watched of hers is when she still lived with her parents and was talking about the items she got at a carboot sale (a British term for basically a hybrid between a garage sale and flea market where people sell their belongings from the trunk of their car). It's kind of crazy (but exciting and amazing!) to see that she now has amassed over 10 million followers on Youtube and has her own beauty line that focuses on bath and body products. I believe her line is now going on the third year, and her recent line is called Sweet Inspirations which is inspired by a French bakery that makes macarons. I was in the market to buy some new scented body lotions so I decided to purchase two of her body lotions.

      So what are my thoughts on Zoella's body lotions? Well first, they're highly affordable at under $8 for just over 5oz of product. I got her original scent which is Creamy Madly Dreamy which I can only describe as a powdery slightly sweet floral fragrance. It's actually quite lovely and if her original body wash/bubble bath, Soak Opera, has the same scent (I am pretty sure it does) I would definitely purchase that as well. Double Creme, which is the body lotion from her new line is macaron scented which is described as having almond and cacao notes in it. I usually really like almond scented items, but this one has an odd artificial plastic like after-scent to it - so that's kind of a bummer. The texture of the two lotions are the same as they're both white and not too thick in texture. The lotion soaks in very fast, but if you're looking for a really moisturizing body lotion this isn't the product for you. My skin actually still felt a little dry afterwards (I usually use the Aveeno daily moisturizing body lotion). It'll probably be better if you layer this on top of a fragrance free body lotion if you want to get both moisturization and the scent. Out of the two, Creamy Madly Dreamy is the clear winner because I like the scent a lot better. All of Zoella's products are available on Feel Unique.

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