July 15, 2016

House to Home

      It is a very happy Friday here on the blog! If you guys remember, one of my New Year Resolutions was to be a property/home owner. I'm so excited to announce that this past week, my boyfriend and I were able to finally get the keys to our own slice of New York. We had searched for over a year for the perfect apartment and finally we were able to find a unit we really loved that crossed off all of the must haves and more. I'm been dying to start a "House to Home" series here on the blog, and so I'm ecstatic that I can finally announce the beginning of the series.

      I also have to say, this has been a lifelong dream of mine to finally be able to call myself a home owner. For as long as I could remember, even when I was in elementary school, when I passed by houses either on the school bus, while my parents were driving, or when I was walking around the neighborhood myself, I always wondered what the insides of those houses looked like. How was it furnished? What's the layout? How did the sunshine hit the interior of the house? I've just always been into houses and interior design. It's a very exciting time in my life right now and a huge milestone. I've already gotten started on choosing the furniture that'll go into my first home (as you can see from the swatches above I'm considering for our couch!). I'll also very likely be doing some renovations in the bathroom, so expect the House to Home series to incorporate everything from decorating, home decor hauls, renovation diaries, and choosing out materials for the renovation! It's going to be a rather long process, but I'm totally looking forward to it and sharing it with you all here on the blog.

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