July 18, 2016

Link Love: "Cool" Summer Beauty Products, 50 Best Restaurants in the World, & Pokemon Go

      If you saw my last post, you'll know that I just bought a new home and am currently in the process of moving and possibly renovating. Although I'm uber excited about starting this new chapter in my life, it's also going to throw off my usual every day schedule for the next month or so which will unfortunately impact the blog's posting schedule. Please bear with me as I will likely not be able to post my usual Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts until I'm somewhat settled into the new place! I'm going to try my best to post as often as I can, but posts will be sporadic for the next month!

1. FOOD: The 2016 50 best restaurants around the world list is out! I recognize some of the chefs on this list due to my addiction to watching Chef's Table on Netflixs.

2. HOME: One of the best looking interiors I've come across lately - modern, clean lines, amazing materials all while feeling airy and lofty. The kitchen island is especially impressive.

3. NOVELTY: Of course I'm also obsessed with Pokemon Go! If you are curious on what it is or if you've already downloaded the app, check out this list for tips if you're just starting Pokemon Go! 

4. BEAUTY: I'm pulling out all my "cool" beauty products for the summer. It's been 90 degrees with terrible humidity the past two weeks here in NYC, so I've been pulling out all the gel moisturizers, face mists, and even putting my sheet masks in the fridge for that extra cooling factor. Check out this list of beauty products to keep you and your skin cool during the summer!

5. FASHION: Speaking of staying cool, your clothing should be breathable for the hot summer heat as well. Here are some fabric recommendations for the summer months.

6. VIDEO: Sometimes I wish I lived away from a big city where I could see the constellations and stars. Unfortunately there is way too much light pollution here in NYC. So, I'm restricted to watching these gorgeous videos instead on time lapses in darker corners of the world.

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