July 13, 2016

Product Review: Hanyul Artemisia Watery Calming Cream & Fresh Calming Water

      Today's product review will be about two products that I've been obsessed with lately. I picked up these products when I was at the Aritaum store during the Innovation of KBeauty event (read all about the event here). I was drawn to the Artemisia line by Hanyul at first because of the serene green bottles but then after trying them out on my hand I knew I had to pick up something from the line. It smelled like a spa and when I asked about the Artemsia line specifically, I was informed that it was perfect for sensitive skin and even gentle enough to use on babies.

      The philosophy behind Hanyul is using natural ingredients that have been used for generations passed down by mothers - "Hanyul reinterprets the know-how behind herbal beauty secrets handed down by past generations of Korean mothers, identifying the scientific principles of time-honored rituals to deliver the most effective skincare benefits for the modern woman." That sounds really lovely if you ask me, and I certainly have learned a couple beauty tips or two from my mom growing up.

Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Cream, 1.69oz
Price: $38


      I really like this cream because it moisturizes my skin perfectly in the summer months, and it smells so refreshing and calming. The main ingredient in the Artemisia line is mugwort (hence the name of the line being Artemisia) so the products smell like it. I'm not even that sure what mugwort smells like, but the moisturizer definitely has some green notes in it. I feel like it smells like a spa but a spa that uses greenery and plant ingredients in their treatments. It's actually really refreshing. It's super gentle on the skin and doesn't sting at all. After massaging it into my skin, it's moisturized all day. Would it be enough for the winter? Definitely not, but it's the perfect moisturizer for the summer and right on top of my gel moisturizer lists with Belif's Aqua Bomb.


Hanyul Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Water, 5.07oz
Price: $25


      In addition to the moisturizer, I also picked up the face mist. You get a whopping 5.07oz of product and it also smells just like the Watery Calming Cream. The mister on the bottle sprays out a super fine mist. It's really relaxing to use it and take in the scent as you spray it on. It's so nice to use in conjunction with the moisturizer. It's not a "toner" that claims to whiten or hydrate, but it's mean to be used throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated or during traveling when your skin can get particularly dehydrated. I believe it also comes it a smaller size, but you can always decant some product into a smaller mister bottle.


Concluding Remarks

       Hanyul products including the Watery Calming Cream and Fresh Calming water is available at Amore Pacific stores and Aritaum stores around the US (see full list of stores here). The entire line also includes a massaging cream (cleansing balm), a cleansing oil, cleansing foam, feminine care gel (similar to "Summer's Eve" which is a specialty cleansing product for women), and a toner.

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