August 24, 2016

Link Love: Hedgehog Officer, 22 Beauty Time Saving Tips, & 100 Years of Wedding Cakes

1. VIDEO: Wedding cakes. I personally always look forward to them at the end of every meal at a wedding and although I believe that the taste is always more important than the design, it's interesting to see wedding cake trends throughout the years in this video.

2. NOVELTY: Hedgehogs are illegal to own here in NYC, but they're naturally found in England! This is not a joke - England is looking for a hedgehog officer to ensure the well being and conservation of hedgehogs in England! 

3. HOME: This home is so airy, bright, and utilizes just the right amount of gold accents. Total inspiration for my new apartment.

4. RECIPE: Who doesn't love nutella? If you need a fast and easy recipe to make a cake on a flash, here is a nutella cake recipe that only takes two ingredients to make!

5. BEAUTY: I'm always trying to cut down time and be more efficient with my beauty routine especially in the morning. Here are 22 beauty time saving tips and I'm definitely going to try some out.

6. FASHION: Fashion trends are totally cyclical, and I'm totally having deja vu with all of the current trends being heavily inspired by the 90's and early 2000's. Personally, it's not my cup of tea (lived through it, not flattering for my body frame), but I love seeing what used to be huge trends and comparing what the current trends are now.

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