August 31, 2016

Paris is Always a Good Idea

      I mentioned some time ago that I have an amazing vacation planned for this year and that one of my 2016 New Year Resolutions was to travel abroad. Last year due to starting a new job, I didn't have the chance to travel, but this year I'm so excited that I'll be traveling to Paris! It'll be my first time in Paris, and I have a whole itinerary mapped out.

      I'll be going in mid-September and will be there for approximately a week. I'm planning to take lots and lots of photos! Other than doing the normal sights, I'm also dying to try out French food! Pierre Herme macarons, Berthillon ice cream, crepes, croissants, ham and cheese baguette sandwiches - so mouth watering! Please do share any tips or favorite stores/restaurants if you've ever been. Most of the places on my list are from other bloggers and friends who have already been in Paris a few times.

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