August 22, 2016

Product Review: Hera Cell Essence

      As many of you regular readers may know, I'm on a mission to try every essence I can get my hands on! The Hera Cell Essence was on top of my essence list for a long time, and luckily my friend was able to grab me a bottle while she was in Korea and I've been (spoiler alert), loving it ever since! I've only heard good reviews from beauty bloggers, especially those in Korea, that rave about it after using it. Although, it's one of the more unique essences out there in that it doesn't contain any fermented ingredients! Still, since I've been using it it's been doing great things for my skin.

Hera Cell Essence, 5oz
Price: ~$42-60

A first-step essence that delivers moisture deep into skin to prevent desertification of skin for a bright, dewy complexion that glows from within.

Snapshot of the ingredient list here. My bottle didn't have an list as it was bought in Korea.


      As I mentioned before in the intro, this essence doesn't actually contain any fermented ingredients which makes it very different from all the other essences that I've tried. The main ingredient in the essence is a proprietary ingredient made by Amore Pacific's R&D labs called "Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0." The website described this fluid as "Based on the research into body fluid within skin, AMOREPACIFIC developed Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™ that simulates body fluid and contains skin-activating energy. Through more innovative technology, it has now evolved into Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™ 2.0 that will stimulate and maintain skin-activating energy inside skin to boost its natural strength." I think it's just another fancy word for a liquid that works with our cellular structure by using ingredients naturally found in our cells to moisturize our skin from the inside out. Cell-Bio Fluid is made with 8 ingredients that are listed on the bottle as "Codes." The essence itself is milky white, water like in texture, and among the other essences I've tried it is actually more hydrating. Compared to the May Coop Raw Sauce (reviewed here), it's less hydrating but it's more hydrating than other essences I've tried such as IOPE's Bio Essence, Missha's Time Revolution, and Nature Republic's The First Essence. Although it doesn't contain any fermented ingredients, it still makes my skin have a similar within glow and I do feel that it is doing good things with my skin after using it consistently day and night. It's lightly scented which I appreciate. 


Concluding Remarks

      Despite not having any fermented ingredients which may put this product off to some, it's a great essence. Since it's more hydrating that other essences, it's perfect for those with drier skin. I beleive that the lack of fermented ingredients doesn't take away from the effectiveness of the essence as my skin still feels nourished, smooth, and gives off that healthy from within glow. The only con would be that Hera is relatively difficult to get in the States, and if you can get it it's marked up quite high. If you have the budget to splurge a little, I would recommend this essence!

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