August 29, 2016

Product Review: Primera Scholar Tree Antioxidant Toner

      We're (finally) nearing the end of August and I'm absolutely fed up with the hot humid summer temperatures and extremely looking forward to brisk autumn weather! But first, announcements - I had yet again another busy weekend with regards the apartment, so this week there will only be two posts; today's post and another on Wednesday. I finally popped open the Scholar Tree toner by Primera after having it in my stash for the past couple months. Fortunately it's as lovely a toner as it sounds, but unfortunately, it's definitely too heavy for summer.

Primera Anti-Oxidant Water Scholar Tree, 6.0oz
Price: $32

A hydrating antioxidant toner creates a smooth protection film with a soft finish.

I couldn't find a full ingredient list, but the main ingredients listed on the box are  Scholar tree bud, Salix nigra (willow) bark extract, and Glucomannan (sugar made from the root of the konjac plant, and it is probably the reason why the toner is more gel like in texture as it's frequently used as a thickening agent).


      The texture of this toner is similar to the Raw Sauce by MayCoop (reviewed here) in that it's gel like and not water like. It smells really lovely - slightly sweet but fresh at the same time. I don't mind the scent at all. It's much more hydrating than the average water-like toner and therefore it's ideal to use in the colder weather months. Since it's a bit too heavy for my oily skin in the summer, I've only used it a few times but I do use it after essence, and before any serums. The description says that it leaves your skin with a "soft finish" which makes sense and it does because the toner is really hydrating. It's difficult to get it out from the small opening at first, and when it first comes out of the bottle it feels thicker than water but when you spread it around your face using the warmth of your hands, it starts to quickly transform into more of a water like texture that's easily absorbed by the skin.


Concluding Remarks

      This is a lovely luxurious feeling toner. It's slightly more expensive than your average toner, but you get a ton of product and since it's a gel-like toner, it'll probably take longer to use it up than if it was more like a water-like toner. It feels really nice on the skin as it hydrates and cools at the same time. Primera is unfortunately another one of those rather difficult to find brands in the US, but it is available online via Amazon and other kbeauty online retailers.

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