August 19, 2016

Three Things 8.19.2016

      Happy Friday! Here's to the end of the week in hopes of a fun and relaxing weekend. Besides loving my new apartment and brainstorming all the ideas and possibilities of furnishing the spaces, here are three things I've been enjoying lately. Two of them include new furnishings in the new place! On a side note that I guess could also be the fourth thing I'm enjoying lately, I also just have to mention that one of the biggest things I wanted in my new apartment was to have amazing lighting for photo taking. So lucky and so happy to say that the new apartment has amazing lighting as you will be able to see from the photos! Cheers to the weekend and to not having to chase the dying light like before in the old apartment!

Target Lamp

      I had my eye on this lamp even before I moved, but there just wasn't a proper place for it in the old apartment. Luckily, there is tons of space in my new apartment and there desperately needed to be a floor lamp in the living room. The lamp is midcentury modern inspired (one of my favorite home decor styles) and is such a steal at only $80! Purchase it here

Ikea Shelves
      I debated for the longest time whether to spray paint these gold or not, but I'm so glad I didn't. I'm keeping the walls in the living room white, so since the shelves are also white, it keeps the focus on the objects on display. I'm currently having fun deciding what items I want to showcase and as you can see, I'm going for a whimsical playful theme that's not so serious.

Rose Gold Mechanical Fossil Watch

      Those of you with tiny wrists will understand my struggle in finding watches that don't eat up the entire width of your wrist. This watch is perfectly sized for my wrist. I also love seeing all the interior gears in watches, and this particular one is mechanical so you can see the gears moving and ticking. Get it on sale here! Lastly, I also have to give a shoutout to my dear friend who actually found this watch for me! 

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