September 9, 2016

Beauty and Skincare Products I Double Stock

      Okay, I have something to admit. I'm kind of a hoarder when it comes to beauty and skincare products. But only for a few special items that I really cannot live without and would probably have a minor anxiety attack if I ran out. I can't be the only one right? I'm pretty sure all us ladies have those special must-have products that we have to have in our beauty cabinet at all times 24/7...right? Well,  if you're curious, here are mine!


My go to everyday foundation - especially in the summer. Lasts all day, provides medium to high coverage, and doesn't settle into fine lines.

This is not a joke, but I'm currently running very low on my current tube and for some reason all the Sephoras I've been too around the NYC area are out of this primer! I've been to at least three different locations in the past two weeks but it's sold out with no backstock! Hopefully it'll come back soon, because this is what keeps my liner in tact all day.

Speaking of liner, my all time absolute cannot live without liquid liner is the Kill Black liner from Club Clio. I've raved about this liner before, and it's the only liner that'll stay on my lids all day. Clearly I hoard this stuff as you can see from my above photo. Yes, it's that good.



An Essence
I always have an essence in my skincare routine no matter the season and I always have at least one full backup bottle of another essence. It doesn't matter the brand as I'm always trying out new ones to compare them all. It's probably the most important skincare product in my entire routine.

I'm not the first or last beauty blogger to rave about this cleansing water. It's gentle on the skin but tough on makeup. You can be sure that I'll be purchasing several 500ml bottles when I go to Paris in a couple weeks!

Love the texture, scent, how gentle is on my skin and eyes, and how it doesn't dry out my skin. I always make sure to order a full bottle of this stuff (especially since stuff at Glossier tends to sell out quicker than other brands) when I use up around half of the bottle.



I hate the feeling of greasy heavy sunscreen. I didn't think there existed a sunscreen that was light and nongreasy until I tried this one. It's a tiny bottle sure, but after using this I really can't go back to using any other type of sunscreen.

Acne Somaderm Patches
I never know when my acne is going to flare up, but when it does I seem to breakout in droves. To minimize scaring and speed up healing, these acne somaderm patches are an absolute necessity. I always have to have at least one or two backup satchets because I can be using 2-3 patches a night for 2-3 nights straight until a particular blemish heals.


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