September 30, 2016

Lunch at Arpège - The 19th Best Restaurant in the World

      Although I'm based in New York, I'm not a purveyor of fine dining. However, since I was in Paris, I wanted to experience something different and luxurious (it's during our vacation after all), so my boyfriend and I booked a lunch for Arpège, a three star Michelin restaurant that is currently the 19th best restaurant in the world. It was an incredible dining experience, and we knew it was going to be something very different from our usual meals since my boyfriend and I love fish and meat, and Arpège was a fine dining restaurant that focused on vegetables.

84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France

Lunch 9 Course Prix Fixe - 130 Euros per person

Starter: various vegetable amuse bouches served on a thin crisp potato
1. Coquetier - L'Arpège's famous egg
2. Radish and lobster served with a honey and lemon sauce
3. Tomato gazpacho with celery ice cream
4. Croque Monsieur with various garden vegetables
5. Stuffed cabbage with sausage and peppers in a parmesan  frothy sauce
6. Celery noodles in a parmesan  frothy sauce
7. Garden raviolis in a celery based broth
8. Vegetarian burger with an egg on top and mussels on the side
9. Platter of desserts including a crispy tarragon chip, mint palmier, and honey caramels
10. Hazelnut custard cream puff

      The meal really made us think differently about vegetables; the meal was primarily vegetables and I didn't think I would get so full so fast - I honestly was so stuffed by the 5th or 6th course! I can understand and see why Chef Alain Passard received his three Michelin stars as he does incredible things with vegetables. Although I didn't enjoy all of the courses equally, the lobster in the second course was the best I lobster I have ever had. The egg was a classic and for good reason, and the tomato gazpacho although not my favorite dish, I appreciated because it tasted extremely fresh. If you're into fine dining, or  just want to experience a first class dining experience, I definitely recommend Arpège. I'll be posting in a separate post about non-fine dining restaurants and my other food recommendations for Paris.

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