October 24, 2016

Current Skincare Routine Fall 2016

      Fall has arrived in NYC and I'm so happy because it's my favorite time of the year! This means I've moved on from gel moisturizers and am now using more hydrating moisturizers and facial oils to combat the crisp autumn winds. I would say that taking care of your skin is much easier in the fall than in the summer because it won't matter that you hydrated a bit too much. In the summer, overhydration of the skin leads to breakouts and super shiny skin for me so I personally struggle a lot in the summer!


      I keep my day routine relatively simple as I don't like to spend too long getting ready in the morning. I start off with an essence and right now I'm finishing off the Hera Cell Essence (reviewed here). Next I prep the skin with Serozinc (new to me, and a review to be posted on Wednesday) and followup with a serum which is still the Rose Absolute First Serum - it's such a gigantic bottle and I've had it for forever! My daily moisturizer is the Skin Recovery Cream by Avene which I only use less than a pea sized. And I top it all off with my beloved Urban Factor sunscreen by Shiseido.



      Obviously at night is when I bring out the power players as you can see! It's a lot of products, but I actually don't use every single product shown above every night. The first two steps are the same with the Hera Cell Essence being first followed up with Serozinc. Then I put on my acne fighter, Effaclar Duo and depending on my skin condition, I'll use one to two facial oils. If my skin needs some radiance and I've had a stressful day, I'll use the Caudalie Detox Oil (full review to come soon) along with my trusted Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil by Kiehls. If my skin is being on the naughty side and breaking out, I'll use the Luna Sleeping Oil instead of the Caudalie Detox Oil. Every other night I'll use some A313 pomade (reviewed here) for areas of my skin that need help with fading acne scars. And I top it off with the Super Multi-Corrective Cream and the Creamy Eye Treatment by Kiehls.


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