October 7, 2016

Link Love: Iceland's Blue Lagoon Spa, DIY Beauty Facial Massage, & 100 Years of Wedding Trends

1. NOVELTY: I loved looking through this 100 plus photo slideshow about what the most popular wedding trends were throughout the years. The delicate lace that was on trend in the 1920's were lovely, as were the more satin wedding dresses in the 1940's. But the 1980's - oh my. Browse through the photos yourself!

2. VIDEO: Instagram is one of my absolute favorite apps because of the geotag. It allows you to really explore and see far away places from a range of different viewpoints. The Blue Lagoon Spa is an incredible man-made geothermal pool in Iceland that is out of this world. Watch a short video on it in the above link.

3. BEAUTY: I must confess, I've actually never gotten a facial before in my life. I know, I know, some of you may think that's crazy, but I just have never gotten around to it and I'm so afraid of going to someone who will do it incorrectly and irritate my already sensitive acne prone skin. Thus, the "beauty facial massage" that you can do yourself inspired by Korean beauty routines sounds like the perfect thing for me!

4.  FASHION: Like engagement rings, wedding dresses are a very personal thing. This amazing infographic shows you what you get (and maybe more importantly what you don't get), when you purchase wedding dresses priced at different priced points.

5. HOME: I'm in love with this space. It's glamorous, feminine, and has just the right amount of sparkle without being over the top. I also love how the rooms feel warm and cozy, but also spacious at the same time. Lastly, I can't stop drooling over the kitchen with gold hardware and gray cabinets!

6. BEAUTY: The new serums are here by Glossier and boy am I anxious to get my hands on them! The three serums are Super Bounce, Super Glow, and Super Pure. I honestly can't decide which one I want because they all sound so super (sorry, I had to). So I'm going to be eventually purchasing the super pack trio. If you are looking to purchase one (or all three) too, if you don't mind, click through my affiliate link here to get 20% off!

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